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Bail and Jail

Do you want to help raise funds for Hooves of Hope?  Or maybe you know someone who needs to do a little jail time?  Then you need to sign up to be a sheriff at our Rodeo and issue a warrant for their arrest!  Here is how to do it:

  1. Decide who you would like to arrest.

  2. Use the link below to purchase your arrest warrant(s). The cost is $25 for the first warrant and $10 per each additional one.

  3. After you finish your checkout, you will be automatically redirected to our website to fill out your warrant.

  4. Make sure to come to our Rodeo and bring your fugitive with you!

  5. Sit back and enjoy watching while the judge sets bail at the Rodeo and your arrestee spends time in our jail cell until they have raised the funds to pay their bail!

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