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Wrangler Sessions

  • 4 week sessions, once a week from June through September on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm.

  • Centered around this year's virtue of Courage.

  • All children, ages, 7-18, are invited to fill out an application.

Children and families partner with their Wrangler to participate in various equine activities that promote life skills while teaching basic horsemanship skills.

  • The experience of the ranch brought to you! 

  • Life lessons and skills taught to all ages in an interactive and creative way!

Outreach Ministry

Our miniature horses love to travel and meet people, while helping to teach practical life tools!   Interested in having one of our minis visit your school, company or your next big event?  To contact us about scheduling a mini, click here.

Looking for Counseling?

  • Connect with our Masters level clinicians who work to address mental health concerns and challenging behaviors.

  • Develop treatment plans that are specifically designed for each unique family.   

Hooves of Hope does not provide mental health therapy or counseling.  Hooves of Hope shares the property with, Gateway Family Services of Illinois, a mental health agency.  Gateway consists of a clinically trained staff providing mental health services to children and their families.  Please click here to learn more about Gateway Family Services of Illinois. 

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